The first iPad app for your daily dental practice

Smoothing your daily work management with our technology

Available on the App Store Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Learn More

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The first iPad app for your daily dental practice

Open to new possibilities


Periodontal Chart

Detect and evaluate pathologies to determinate a proper treatment plan.

Oral Examination

Start with a general exam of your patients. Easily select from a list of the most common pathologies

Dental Chart

Navigate through options and see a complete state of your patients’ teeth.


Dentsio doesn’t require extra hardware or maintenance costs. No license fees either.


A new medium of interaction: get closer to your patients thanks to a more efficient communication.


Manage your daily work with the latest iPad and safely store all the data in the cloud.

Dentsio is an Affordable Tool

to improve the interaction with your patients.

Accessibility And More Opportunities

For Growth

Dentsio is the first dental application designed exclusively for iPad to enter and manage the clinical history of the patients. It was created as an easy, fast, economical and intuitive everyday tool, for dentists of all specialties and of any generation.

Try it for free. No credit card required Available on the App Store